Forza Horizon 4 glitch can wipe out players perks

A new Forza Horizon 4 glitch is threatening player progression. The glitch, which started happening after an update last week, can possibly reset players car mastery progression.

According to players posting on a thread in the Forza Motorsports forum, the glitch started happening after Forza Horizon 4 received its “Series 9” update on May 7. The glitch reset the car mastery perks that players have unlocked. Additionally, the glitch can also reset any perks players have purchased with skill points after restarting the game.

Microsoft quickly responded to the issue. Forza Support acknowledged the problem, and Xbox Game Studios released a patch that to address the issue on May 10. However, this did nothing for players who had already been effected by the glitch.

Earning car mastery perks can take a lot of time. Forza Horizon 4 has over 600 cars, and players need to earn skill points for each car to unlock their mastery perks. As such, losing all these perks, as well as not being able to keep any perks, can be quite disappointing for hardcore Forza players. Fixing the glitch and letting players keep their earned perks is the first step in getting the confidence of these players back. However, these players would probably prefer that their progression be restored.

The Forza Support Twitter has acknowledged these players and stated that the studio does plan to restore their lost perks. It’s just that doing so is taking much longer than just addressing the bug. “We are now working on a fix to return all players’ lost Skill Points,” they state. “We are expecting this fix to be live with or before the Series 10 update.” Forza Horizon 4 currently has its “Series 10” update planned for June.

In an effort to make up for the amount of time it’s taking to restore the points, Xbox Game Studio is giving out some freebies for effected players. The studio is giving out 10 Super Wheel Spins to players who have run into the glitch.