World of Warcraft Classic is back this August

For a long time, World of Warcraft players put on their nostalgia glasses with pride and pleaded for the return of the good old days. The yearning for classic WoW dedicated servers seemed to fall on deaf ears. However, when World of Warcraft Classic was finally announced, fans rejoiced. Now we’ve at last learned about the World of Warcraft Classic release date.

On August 27, we get to party like it’s 2004. No flying mounts, no Pandaria. No Lich King takeover, no world-burning cataclysm. We’re going back to the days when traversing the landscape really felt like an adventurous conquest. It’s a fitting tribute to celebrate the Warcraft franchise’s twenty-fifth birthday this year.

All current WoW subscribers will have access to Classic from the get-go. It’s a good opportunity for more recent players to experience days gone by, and for wizened players to relive the beginning of it all.

If you just can’t wait for August, you might be in luck! Starting May 15, Blizzard is bringing players into the Classic closed beta. More players will be recruited for stress testing throughout July. If this sounds like your swill of grog, you can opt-in by heading over to the official World of Warcraft website.

In addition to Classic, Blizzard is continuing its birthday celebration by releasing the World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Available October 8, this will set you back $99. In addition to the in-game mounts and beautiful box art, the collection includes a mousepad, pin, prints, and a 10-inch statue of Firelord Ragnaros.

I personally jumped aboard the Warcraft train at a time long before the MMO: A time when typing “glittering prizes” gave me all the gold and resources I needed to crush an opponent. A time when the only apparent difference between Zuljin and any other troll axethrower was the color of their hair. While we’re not going back quite that far, I appreciate the power of a healthy jaunt into the good ole days of classic games. Perhaps this is a catalyst for a long-overdue return to Kalimdor, where I can mount my kodo and bumble through the fields of Mulgore once again.