Pokemon Rumble Rush has launched, new Pokemon game on iOS and Android

new Pokemon mobile game has arrived on iOS and Android. Titled Pokemon Rumble Rush, it will have players traveling to different islands in their quest to beat the everloving heck out of local Pokemon for fun and profit. And really, isn’t beating on weaker animals what Pokemon is all about?

In Pokemon Rumble Rush, players will explore new and uncharted lands with their adorable pocket monster buddies. Unlike the somewhat more leisurely pace of the core Pokemon titles, the islands in Rumble Rush are going to be changing every two weeks. That means that you’re going to want to spend some time getting the most you can out of the current islands before the biweekly change goes through!

Controlling your Pokemon is accomplished with one hand, making Pokemon Rumble Rush a perfect game to play on the go. (Please do not play Rumble Rush while driving, lest you be arrested by Officer Jenny.) Stages are cleared by moving your Pokemon throughout the level and you can attack enemy Pokemon simply by tapping on them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without stat upgrades! You’ll sometimes receive a bit of ore once you clear a stage, and this ore can be used to craft powerful gear to make your digital buddies stronger. You can then test your mettle in battle by hopping into the Super Boss Rush mode, a challenging scenario that will require many different types of strong Pokemon if you want to win.

Pokemon Rumble Rush is now listed on Android in the Americas but it hasn’t yet gone live. An iOS version is expected, although it has not yet launched on the US App Store for Apple users. No price for the app has been announced, nor has a release date been set. It’s reportedly already out in Australia, so let’s hope that we won’t be waiting too long to get our hands on the newest Pokemon mobile game!