Super Mario Maker 2 co-op and multiplayer details revealed

In addition to some of the single-player and creation content, Nintendo also showed off some of the Super Mario Maker 2 co-op and multiplayer modes. The upcoming title will support offline downloads as well as four-player co-op in some instances.

Since many players will undoubtedly be making levels, Super Mario Maker 2 offers users a way to specifically search what they want from game style, course theme, difficulty, to the type of course, and more. You can also locally download any of the stages, which matches the systems portability since Wi-Fi isn’t always available. If you make successful levels, you’ll earn Maker Points that you can dump into cosmetics for your Mii avatar.  There is also an endless mode that makes you play through as many random levels as you can on whatever difficult you want until you die.

Course World also lets players play cooperatively over the internet. Multiplayer versus mode pits everyone against each other and the winner is just the first person who finishes. It’s chaotic in the way that Mario multiplayer always is. Multiplayer co-op is different in that players aren’t competing and the stage ends once one person finishes. There’s less of a reason to speed through and play against each other and is more suited to more laidback players. It seems as though these multiplayer modes are only on specific courses and not for every stage in the game.

There’s also Nearby Play, which is if four local players have the game in their own Switches, one person can make a room for everyone to play. Only that person needs a persistent online connection for everyone to join in. Although, it wasn’t clear if only that person needed a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Levels can also be made cooperatively with someone else with another Joy-Con. However, it sounds like this is currently a local only feature.