Steam Link iPhone App finally available after initial rejection

The Steam Link iPhone App is finally available after it was initially rejected due to conflicts with Apple’s policies for the platform. Steam Link is a pretty cool little program that lets you stream games from your PC to your phone, freeing you up from having to sit at your desk to play high-end games. Although it suffered some initial difficulties, the iPhone version of the app is now available.

Steam Link first debuted on Google Play a ways back without any issues, but the iPhone launch of the app was halted. The Steam Link app allowed users to make Steam Store purchases through the app, but Valve doesn’t allow any third-party stores to operate within their walled garden unless they get their cut. Consequently, Valve delayed the release of the Steam Link iPhone app in order to remove the ability to make store purchases.

The Steam Link iPhone app has now finally debuted on iTunes as reported by Here’s where you can get it, along with the Google Play version:

Steam Link iPhone


Steam Link Android


The app is free on either platform and makes for a great tool that empowers gamers to be a little more mobile with their games. Once you have it set up, it can connect to your PC, launch a game, and stream the content to your mobile device. You can then use a wireless controller to play the game on your phone with minimal lag or delay. While the screen is (probably) a bit smaller on your desk, you’d probably be hard-pressed to drag your entire PC over to your bed.

Unfortunately, the Steam Link app requires that you be on the same wireless network on your computer; streaming your own PC games from across town is nothing more than a dream for now. It’s still a pretty cool app (and it’s free!), so you may as well go ahead and grab it to see what all the fuss is about.