Slime Rancher Secret Style Pack DLC brings a fresh look this June

The Slime Rancher Secret Style Pack DLC has been announced! This brand-new piece of content for the adorable slime-tending game will be coming in just a few short weeks. If you’ve ever gotten bored with the creatures on your ranch, you’ll soon be able to dress them up with a fresh appearance!

If you haven’t played Slime Rancher before, it’s a pretty interesting game. You’re sent to another planet that is positively packed with cute little slime monsters. Each of these slimes have their own favorite food, behavior, and value. You’ll have to vacuum up the slimes with your trusty Vacpack, deposit them in a pen, and sell their poop for fun and profit! (No really, you sell their poop.) You can also breed slimes together to create cool new hybrids, although be careful — a misstep can create a dreaded Tarr.

Things are about to get a bit prettier with the announcement of the Slime Rancher Secret Style Pack DLC. A series of treasure chests will be hidden throughout the world. Collecting these chests will unlock an alternate costume for one of the dozens of slime species in the game. You’ll be able to turn these alternate costumes on or off at your Ranch House. You’ll be able to mix and match which slimes keep their vanilla appearance and which ones are using their cool new designs.

Slime Rancher was one of the games offered for free on the Epic Games Store in its yearlong program to attract new customers to the platform. If you missed your chance to get it for free, you can get it at a discount as part of the newly-launched Epic Mega Sale. The Slime Rancher Secret Style Pack arrives on June 18, 2019; no price has been announced. In the meantime, you can add the DLC to your wishlist on Steam.