Spider-Man PS4 comics continue the story this Fall

Marvel has announced a whole host of new comic books to be released this Fall. An exciting series to note is the continuation of the Spider-Man story from the PlayStation 4 game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Yes, the Spider-Man PS4 comics continue where the game left off, expanding on the Peter Parker story and introducing a new villain.

Marvel’s Spider-Man released in 2018 to critical success. The game encompasses great amounts of the Spider-Man lore and mythos to create an inspired storyline. The plot follows Spider-Man on his quest to fight the evil Mr. Negative and the Inner Demons.

The upcoming comic is unique in that it is the first to be set entirely in the world built by the PS4 game, known as the “Gamerverse.” The comic will address the hows and whys behind Peter Parker creating the Velocity Suit. Additionally, Spider-Man will encounter a villain from comics of old: Swarm! Swarm, bizarrely, was one of Hitler’s top scientists. His body is made of a swarm of bees that surround his skeleton. The role he’ll play among the villains of the upcoming comic is something we’ll have to find out in August.

The comic will have appearances by some key members of the Spider-Man universe, including of course miss Mary Jane Watson. MJ will work alongside Daily Bugle journalist Ben Urich to get knee-deep in detective work around the city. The comic teaser ends with quite a cliffhanger, noting that our storybook heroes of New York will come face-to-face with a poltergeist.

The Spider-Man world is so lore-rich that there are nearly endless possibilities for what Marvel could incorporate into this new comic series. What will we learn about the Velocity Suit? Why is there a poltergeist in New York? And what the heck will the Bee Nazi have to do with it? Anything goes, and Marvel’s teaser has me looking forward to Fall.