Ubisoft’s Steep free to play and keep

Fans of extreme sports and free games, rejoice! You can get Ubisoft’s Steep free on Uplay until May 22. While most free games have an expiration date, this one is yours for the keeping.

Originally released in 2016, Steep takes extreme sports to… well, the extreme. Steep drops players into the Alps for some fun in the ever-powdery snow. Players can conquer these epic mountains with their choice of skis, wingsuits, snowboards, or paragliders. Pull off epic tricks, reel from painful wipeouts, and capture the best and worst moments to relive later.

Steep is open-world, so the path you carve through the snow is your own choice. The game has hidden spots waiting to be discovered, but it’s understandable if you’d rather take time to marvel at the beauty of the Alps.

If solo mountain adventures aren’t your snow M.O., then dare your friends to face the mountains alongside you. Explore the mountain together, each using your own means of transportation. Mix your sports together to create ridiculous tricks, and challenge other players online to out-impress you. That said, you’re never quite alone. All players share the same world, so you may find yourself making new friends and rivals not long after dropping into the cold.

No online game is complete without community challenges and leaderboards. Once you’re confident in your abilities, try climbing to the top of the boards in each sport. Alternatively, enjoy quests to unearth interesting moments the mountains hide. If you find yourself yearning to conquer the mountains in style, the DLCs await with fresh challenges, outfits, and more.

If the above wasn’t tantalizing enough, it’s worth reiterating that the game is completely free and yours to keep forever, no strings attached. Download it by May 22 and you’ll always have an escape to the Alps when you need it.