Scavengers Early Access players can claim 1500 free credits

Scavengers is a free-to-play survival PvPvE battle royale where squads of three try to raid and survive a snow-covered landscape, so a free credits bonus to get access to more gear could really help. Fortunately, if you’re playing the game now you’re undoubtedly playing the Scavengers Early Access beta on Steam or Epic Games Store on PC, so you have access to a big Early Access free credits bonus. Here’s how to get it.

How to get the Scavengers free credits Early Access bonus

Scavengers free credits

The Scavengers free credits Early Access bonus can be found in the main menu store, even though the game in no way advertises this fact. In order to get to the store you’ll have to play through the initial tutorial level first, if you haven’t already. After you’ve successfully extracted in the drop pod you’ll appear on the main homepage lobby screen, where you’ll see the Shop tab at the top of the screen. Head to it and you’ll notice the box with ‘Early Access Bonus – 1500 Free Chips’. Click on it, click the Purchase button as you’ll notice it doesn’t cost anything, and your Chip credits will instantly go up by 1500.

Check the Shop for 1500 free Credit (Early Access Bonus) from Scavengers

A lot of players may be surprised to hear about this generous Early Access bonus in Scavengers, as there’s no way to know about it without going to the Shop screen first, and you probably wouldn’t do that if you didn’t have any credits yet.

At the moment, there aren’t too many things to buy as the game has literally just launched on Early Access, but there are a few other characters to buy for 1,150 credits so you can at least get one of them immediately – or you can save the money for when there are more interesting things to buy.

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