Scavengers Best Settings for PC: How to get more FPS

Nailing down Scavengers‘ best settings for PC is key to achieving the highest frame-rates and smoothest gameplay experience. For a shooter like this, getting more FPS is ideal, even at the cost of visual quality. While in Early Access, this game still has a number of graphics options available including DLSS for Nvidia users. Here are the best settings for Scavengers on PC.

What are the best settings for Scavengers on PC?

  • Window Mode – Fullscreen
  • Resolution – Native (1920x1080p for 1080p, etc.)
  • Resolution Scaling – Disabled
  • Custom Resolution Scale – 100%
  • VSync – Disabled
  • DLSS – Off
  • Quality Preset – Auto
  • View Distance – Low
  • Anti-Aliasing – High
  • Post Processing – Low
  • Shadows – Low
  • Textures – High
  • Effects – Low
  • Foliage – Low
  • DirectX Version – DX11 (or DX12 if tested to work well)

The above settings have been verified by GameRevolution to give the best frame-rate on our system. At the time of writing, the Early Access build has just launched. It’s possible that performance will improve as the game receives updates.

For those still struggling to get a smooth frame-rate, updating to the most recent Nvidia driver and trying DLSS could work well. Lowering Anti-Aliasing will also result in a couple of frames gained. Those with graphics cards equipped with less memory will want to try lowering the Textures settings.

As a last resort, using Resolution Scaling to lower the resolution below native will result in higher FPS. However, the game image will begin to get blurry.

Scavengers has now launched into Early Access, but it has to launch someday. Here’s when the developers are planning for the full release to be.

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