Scavengers Stutter and Lag Fix for PC

Knowing how to stop stutter and lag in Scavengers is the key to enjoying the new PvPvE shooter from developer Midwinter Entertainment. While this Early Access game is expected to have a few kinks that need ironing out, a stutter-less and lag-free experience is still preferred. As the devs work to further improve optimization, here are some tips on how players can improve stability for themselves. Here’s how to stop stutter and lag in Scavengers.

How to stop stutter and lag in Scavengers

scavengers stutter fix

To fix stutter and lag in Scavengers on PC, do the following:

  • Ensure that the latest Nvidia or AMD graphics card driver is installed.
    • While there aren’t drivers specifically tailored to Scavengers directly, the latest stability improvements can help smoothen out GPU performance.
  • Make sure the game is running in Fullscreen mode.
    • Though streamers and other multitaskers may want to use Windowed mode, Fullscreen is always the best choice for smooth gameplay.
  • Shut down any unnecessary apps in the background.
    • Games need a lot of resources to work well. Close down anything in the background which could be hogging RAM, CPU power, etc.
  • Try lowering the graphics options.
    • Those with a beast system can still experience issues with higher settings. Try lowering the options to “Medium” or lowers. If that fails, lower the resolution.

If there is still stutter, do remember that Scavengers is an Early Access title. This makes it likely to receive further optimization patches to make it run better on more PC configurations.

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