Fire Emblem: Three Houses new character Hilda revealed

Today, Nintendo gave players a look at the Fire Emblem: Three Houses new character! Hilda is the latest reveal from Nintendo in the cast for the upcoming entry into the Fire Emblem series. Here’s the latest on Hilda and the story so far…

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the newest entry in the iconic Fire Emblem series. You play as a professor at the prestigious Officer’s Academy of the Church of Seiros. After being invited to teach at the academy, you must choose which of three houses will receive your tutelage: The Black Eagles, The Blue Lions, or The Golden Deer. Each house represents a different territory and is full of eager students hungry for your knowledge.

Hilda is a student in the Golden Deer house. She is the only daughter of the Duke of Goneril. Typical of a noble lady, she was spoiled by her father and brother and can be a bit lazy, preferring others do her bidding. In battle, she can use her powers of persuasion to cause male allies to do more damage. She is a fan of all things fashionable and fancy, and will fit right in with the other quirky characters.

The colorful cast of characters and their in-game abilities exemplify what makes Fire Emblem great. As a tutor, you’re responsible for enriching your students’ knowledge both academically and in battle. This includes free-roaming around the academy and talking with your students, perhaps over some lunch or while mingling in the hallways. The turn-based tactical RPG keeps all the things that fans love most while improving and innovating the series where it can. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be the first in the series where battalions follow individual units into battle.

Between tutoring and socializing, a mystery unfolds as you keep coming across a girl named Sothis… who seems to only exist in your mind. What other intrigues are lurking within the academy? And, most importantly, which house will you choose?