Metro Exodus sales made it the ‘largest game launch’ in THQ Nordic’s history

Metro Exodus sales have been pretty darn good—it’s become the “the largest game launch so far in the history of the Group” for THQ Nordic. The first-person shooter based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 novels has met the company’s expectations and catapulted the video game adaptation into the mainstream.

As reported by Spiel Times, the THQ Nordic Group recently released its Extended Financial Year Report 2018–2019. The company’s net sales increased by 158%, and the developers cite Metro Exodus sales as one of the primary drivers of their stellar performance in this financial report.

“Net sales of business area Deep Silver were SEK 794 million, largely driven by the release of Metro Exodus, the largest game launch so far in the history of the Group,” the financial report stated. “Overall, the game has performed in line with management’s expectations and has recouped all investments in development and marketing.

Metro Exodus attracted a measure of controversy when it was announced as one of the first exclusive games for the Epic Games Store. Some speculated that Metro Exodus sales would suffer from users who had expected the game to launch on Steam; even the franchise’s creator Dmitry Glukhovsky was concerned by the move. He stated (in a now-deleted Instagram post) that he was “standing by and watching [the Metro 2033 franchise] being killed.” He was, however, optimistic about the people behind the Epic Games Store as he had gotten the impression that Steam cared about the release of the game based on his work.

THQ Nordic states that there will be fewer releases for the quarter ending in June 2019, but they have a wide variety of games in the works. Among these projects is an unannounced AAA game from Metro Exodus developers 4A Games. Perhaps the developers will be able to replicate the success they’ve had with Metro Exodus sales with whatever new title they’re working on.