Death Stranding release date leaked, reportedly launching this year

Thanks to an accidental post on the Taiwanese PlayStation Facebook page, the Death Stranding release date leaked. According to the post, Death Stranding will launch on November 8 of this year. It’s been a wild morning for release-date news, as it looks like we may even be getting Death Stranding before The Last of Us 2!

Death Stranding has been hugely anticipated, and there’s been even more hype lately thanks to all of the mysterious tweets and a livestream countdown of sorts. In case you’ve somehow missed out on Death Stranding, here’s a quick overview: The cast is full of all-stars such as Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, and Mads Mikkelsen. Strangely, the thing we know the least about is the actual plot of the game. The surreal trailers have shown us black goop, a baby in a jar, and robotic attachments, among many other things, and our protagonist seems to travel to another world upon death. The character models and environments are beautifully rendered and there is so much puzzling content that even Professor Layton would surrender to this one.

Gamers were anticipating a big announcement from Death Stranding today after a teaser tweet on Monday. Kojima Productions has been dropping several small teaser trailers with the words “tomorrow is in your hands” appearing over an increasing number of hands per tweet, and finally tweeted “Stay tuned – May 29.” The release date leak could be the moment we were waiting for, but as you can see that wasn’t the only leak.  All of the pre-order bonuses were leaked to the PSN Store as well.

Adding to the hype is the great amount of fan support for Hideo Kojima himself after his split with Konami, which caused his name to be removed from Metal Gear Solid V and his horror game P.T. to get canceled. Though even in its short life as an aptly-named playable teaser for what would have become the new Silent Hill game, P.T. hit critical success and was a favorite among horror fans. It also remains to this day the only game to give me night terrors. Thanks, Kojima!

Hopefully we’ll get more juicy Death Stranding news by the end of the countdown today.