Beyond Good and Evil 2 E3 absence confirmed by Ubisoft

Michel Ancel’s long awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be skipping out on E3 this year according to Ubisoft. To make up for the Beyond Good and Evil 2 E3 absence, the company announced that it will instead show more of the game at a live stream next week.

The fact that Ubisoft isn’t bringing Beyond Good and Evil 2 to E3 shouldn’t come as a surprise. The company stated that it was only bringing four AAA games to the show, one of which is Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ubisoft also hasn’t really shown off a lot of Beyond Good and Evil 2, either. This could indicate that the game isn’t anywhere near finished. The company probably decided to save one of the four slots for a game that’s much closer to completion.

That said, knowing that Ubisoft plans to do a live stream of the game next week does indicate that the developers do have something to show for it. The live stream itself will take place on Wednesday, June 5, and will be broadcast Ubisoft’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.

Ubisoft has tended to use live streams a lot to drop details for Beyond Good and Evil 2. Indeed, aside from Ubisoft bringing the game out at previous E3s, most of the what we know about the game comes from live streams.

The last time Ubisoft hosted a livestream for the game was back in December. There it shows pre-alpha gameplay footage of the game. As part of this, Ubisoft demonstrated the game’s cooperative play. Two players were shown playing together, though whether or not the game only has a limit of two players was not mentioned.

Additionally, the live stream also showed off Beyond Good and Evil 2‘s character customization. Unlike the original game, the new game won’t have players controlling Jade. Instead, they enter the prequel as a custom pirate of their own creation.