Overwatch Battle Royale mode ‘Last Man Bouncing’ hits the Creative Workshop

The Overwatch Workshop has been publicly available for a few days now and gamers are getting pretty creative by designing interesting new game modes. The latest hot property on the Workshop is an Overwatch Battle Royale mode called “Last Man Bouncing” that has you and a bunch of other people battling it out in the skies above some of the game’s most iconic locations.

As noted on the /r/Overwatch subreddit, this fan-created game mode restricts everyone to playing Reinhardt. However, several substantial changes have been made to the base game rules. The first (and perhaps most notable) is that you are not on the ground at all; rather, you are bouncing atop a floating pink sphere above one of the game’s maps. Secondly, you don’t deal any damage with Reinhardt’s attacks. Instead, you deal knockback, either through swinging your hammer or using your Firestrike or Charge abilities.

The objective of the game is simple: knock everyone else off of the glowing pink ball. This is tougher than it sounds, as overcommitting on an attack or misjudging a Charge can lead to the player sailing over the edge all by their lonesome self! Thankfully, several other changes have been made to make things a little more balanced. Reinhardt’s Shield has been replaced with a spinning attack, Charging can be canceled by pressing the button again, and your Earthshatter Ultimate has been replaced with the ability to stun other players and move faster.

That’s not all that’s been changed! Crouching in the Overwatch Battle Royale mode will reduce the height at which you pop up into the air. Lastly (and perhaps best of all), two Charging Reinhardts will cause a massive knockback explosion when they collide. Battles can certainly be tense, especially as the match drags on, with the arena gradually shrinking with each passing second. The last man standing atop the magical pink bubble is the winner!

You can check out this aerial Overwatch Battle Royale mode for yourself by importing the code GR5KN for the most current version at the time of writing. Learn more about Last Man Bouncing at the game’s page on elohell.gg, the best place to go to find the most-recently updated code for this game mode. You can watch the video below to see this Workshop gameplay mode in action.