Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition cross-platform play confirmed for Switch

The Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition will unite players from all consoles. The enhanced edition for Nintendo Switch will allow players to join campaigns with Xbox, PC, and mobile players. The Dungeons and Dragons campaigns will be available on all platforms, though only PC players have the ability to be dungeon masters.

Released in 2002, the original Neverwinter Nights brought Dungeons and Dragons to life in computer game form. Using the D&D third edition as its base, Neverwinter Nights incorporated the customization, feats, and dice rolls that D&D is famous for into the game. Along with a climactic 60-hour campaign, the game allowed players to customize D&D adventures using an extensive toolkit. Personally, Neverwinter Nights was my first experience with the mechanics of D&D. I am suddenly having flashbacks to running around the city of Neverwinter and killing cultists with my pet badger…

Neverwinter Nights had massive online hangouts for custom adventures, and the enhanced edition aims to bring that to the Nintendo Switch. Switch users can download popular modules and join campaigns alongside players on Xbox, PC, and mobile. The PC players retain the most power, however. They are the only ones who can DM cross-platform games using the Dungeon Master Client and they have expansive mod customization tools to create the modules that Switch players can download.

Given the restrictions, potential dungeon masters will probably want to stick with the PC version of the game. For players looking to go on pre-made adventures with friends, the Nintendo Switch version will do just fine. The advantage of online role-playing speaks for itself, as anyone who has ever tried to coordinate hosting an in-person D&D session will know. The game is set to release on December 3, with multiplayer support ready at launch. More details about the game will likely be revealed leading up to launch.