Rocket League Radical Summer DLC promises ’80s-themed content

For players who miss leg warmers, neon colors, big hair, and cassette tapes, Psyonix has just the thing for you. The Rocket League Radical Summer DLC update takes players back to the 1980s, dressing up the game in the trappings of that decade’s pop culture.

Far from just a fresh coat of neon paint, Radical Summer represents the largest in-game event ever to come to Rocket League. Kicking off on Monday, June 10, Radical Summer runs for nine whole weeks. It brings with it a host of free and paid DLC items as well as limited-time game modes and much more.

Radical Summer splits these nine weeks into three separate themed event phases, each celebrating one aspect of ’80s culture. During these phases, players can earn “cassettes” by playing online. This includes playing in one of the new limited time modes such as “Ghost Hunt,” “Spike Rush,” and “Beach Ball.” After earning these cassettes, players can then exchange them in the Event Store for various 80’s themed items.

Rocket League Radical Summer's most excellent poster

The first of Radical Summer’s phases is “Blockbusters,” taking place from June 10 to July 1. As the name implies, this phase focuses on movies from the the decade. The poster for the event already shows the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. Additionally, one of the other cars has the logo of Richard Donner’s classic adventure film The Goonies.

“Culture” is the second phase of Radical Summer. This phase seems like it will focus more on general ’80s culture over any specific franchises.  This phase lasts from July 1 all the way to July 22.

The events of the final phase are dedicated to 80s “Television.” This phase starts on July 22 and ends on August 12. The presence of the Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT to all you kids, in the poster tells us that the classic Knight Rider car will be represented in this phase. We also spy a Voltron-themed car complete with Blazing Sword decals and the Red Lion itself on its roof.

Of course, these are just a few of the ’80s cultural icons that we can expect from Radical Summer (heck, we probably missed a few more in the poster). The event is bound to have so much more. With all this love for the decade, Rocket League fans better get ready with their leg warmers and aviators, because the Radical Summer event promises to be, for lack of a better term, radical.