Fortnite World Cup Week 10 qualifiers rescheduled, prize pools doubled

For fans looking forward to the Fortnite World Cup Week 10 qualifiers, Epic Games has some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that Epic has rescheduled the Week 10 qualifiers. The good news, well the company has also doubled the prize pool for Week 10.

Epic is moving the Week 10 qualifiers due to a scheduling conflict. The qualifiers fell on the same dates the Fortnite Summer Block Party and its Celebrity Pro-Am Duos event.

Because of the scheduling conflict, a number of prominent community members, including professional players Tfue and Cloakzy, have requested that Epic reschedule the qualifiers. Tfue and Cloakzy were set to attend the Celebrity Pro-Am, but not as a Duo. This would have meant that they would have had to choose between the Week 10 qualifiers or the Pro-Am event.

In response to this, Epic has acceded to the requests and moved the qualifiers to different dates. Week 10’s Semi-Finals will now take place on Thursday, June 20. Meanwhile, the Finals will happen the day after on Friday, June 21.

Additionally, Epic has announced that it is doubling the prize pool not just for Week 10, but for Week 9 as well. The company is now laying out $2,000,000 in prize money for each tournament. Despite the increased prize pool however, the Week 9 qualifiers will still take place on their original dates.

This rescheduling of the qualifier is a smart move on Epic’s part.  The scheduling conflict would have likely affected their viewership for both events as well. Viewership would have been split between those watching the Pro-Am and those on the qualifiers. Viewers might even just simply watch the one where their favorite player was in attendance. By moving the qualifiers, fans are now more likely to watch both events. Meanwhile, the increased prize pool just sweetens the pot for those involved.