Metro Exodus Windows release coming to Microsoft Store

Metro Exodus Windows release has quietly popped up online along with a release date. Despite the fact that the game is currently an Epic Games Store exclusive, it seems that the newest open-world first-person shooter from Deep Silver and 4A Games is going to be making its way to Microsoft’s digital distribution service. What’s more, it will be arriving to that particular digital storefront sooner than you think.

Metro Exodus is the third game in the Metro 2033 franchise of games. This particular title sees Artyom, Anna, and a group of companions escaping the ruins of Moscow in a stolen train in search of salvation and a new home. The game was pretty well-received, but it attracted some ire for being one of the first major titles to be announced as a PC exclusive on the Epic Games Store. It seems that the period of exclusivity is about to end: the Metro Exodus Windows Store release date is June 9, 2019.

According to the Metro Exodus Windows Store page, the third chapter in Artyom’s adventure will be available in just a few short days. Players can expect the game to take up approximately 54.81 GB of space on their hard drive at release. It will come with support for HDR10 and variable refresh rate. People in the Xbox ecosystem will also be happy to hear that it has support for Xbox Live presence, Xbox Live clubs, and Xbox Live cloud saves.

There’s sure to be more to come in the future, too. The developers recently announced the first bits of paid DLC that will be making their way into the game. The first is The Two Colonels that will take you to the Dead City in the time before Artyom and his crew arrived there. The second is Sam’s Story and will focus on the sole American character as he tries to make his way home. As with some of the previous Metro 2033 DLCs, it appears that neither of these pieces of extra content will focus on Artyom; instead, you’ll be playing as other characters.

One question remains: With the Metro Exodus Windows release, will it be making its way back onto Steam at the same time? There isn’t yet any news on the game’s Steam Store page, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes open.