Destiny 2 Shadowkeep revealed, coming to Google Stadia as well

After dataminers found evidence of its existence a few days back, Bungie finally took the covers off Destiny 2‘s latest expansion. The company had Destiny 2 Shadowkeep revealed at the Stadia Connect conference this morning, which of course means that the game itself is coming to Google’s cloud gaming service.

The existence of the Shadowkeep expansion was first discovered by dataminers who found a promotional image for it in the game’s code. After this, a second leak via the Microsoft Store gave out its release date of September 17.

As we had guessed based on the leaked promotional image, Shadowkeep takes place on the Moon. The expansion pits players against vengeful “nightmares” that roam under the Moon’s surface.  Additionally, there’s also the mysterious titular Shadowkeep that seems to serve as a main focal point of the expansion.

The announcement didn’t confirm the leaked September 17 release date; instead, it simply gave out a nebulous fall release window for Shadowkeep. That said, the reveal did announce a few other exciting things for Destiny 2 fans.

The reveal at Stadia Connect has officially confirmed that Destiny 2 itself will be coming to Google Stadia. The game will come as part of Destiny 2: The Collection on the cloud service. Destiny 2: The Collection comes with all content released for the game so far, meaning that players on Stadia won’t have to play catch up.

More importantly, Stadia players it seems won’t have to pay for Destiny 2: The Collection. The collection is confirmed to be the first free game that Stadia Pro subscribers can play.

Destiny 2 and its Shadowkeep expansion together represent one of the biggest games coming to Stadia. The collection allows players to experience the game at its prettiest regardless of hardware. More importantly, the cloud service’s inherent latency shouldn’t be that big an issue in an online game designed to play with latency in the first place.

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