E3 2019 | Ninja Theory reveals Bleeding Edge, a four-on-four multiplayer brawler

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice developer Ninja Theory just revealed their first title since being purchased by Microsoft. In quite a departure from their previous work, they unveiled a four-on-four multiplayer brawler called Bleeding Edge. Featuring a sci-fi aesthetic that can be described as in your face, the action title will feature two different teams of four players duking it out in melee combat.

Seen throughout the debut trailer is a colorful cast of characters, as players will be choosing from a set of different heroes each with their own skills and fighting styles. 10 different characters were shown off and each of them looks quite different from the rest. They are the Oni mask wearing Daemon, the tribal warrior Makuta, a plus-sized biker named Buttercup, the fire-breathing Nidhoggr, a skeleton named Kulev, construction worker called Gizmo, a female warrior in Miko, an older woman named Maeve, an incredibly smug dude going by the moniker Zero Cool, and El Bastardo, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Bleeding Edge coming to Xbox One and PC

Ninja Theory is best known for their work on action titles. They first rose to prominence on the PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, and received critical acclaim for both Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DmC: Devil May Cry. Most recently, they went independent and released Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice before being purchased by Microsoft. DmC combat director Rahni Tucker is confirmed to be working on Bleeding Edge and will oversee the 2020 release for both Xbox One and PC.

The good news is that players won’t have to wait very long to check out Ninja Theorry’s latest title. The Bleeding Edge technical beta will become available on June 27, which means select players will be able to go hands-on with the four-on-four brawler as soon as later this month. This will allow the development team to get plenty of feedback as they continue to fine-tune the game for its release next year.