E3 2019 | Mysterious Apex Legends monster revealed

At the EA Play event that’s kicking off E3, Electronic Arts and Respawn revealed the latest details on Apex Legends and everything coming to the game in Season 2, as well as a number of surprises. The first details on the new legend, Wattson, the game’s new mode, and the L-Star SMG weapon were all great to hear, but the biggest shock came at the end… literally, as a player flew next to a mysterious giant Apex Legends monster.

At the end of the Season 2 trailer, we got a glimpse of some legends flying down into the map, with a background of a giant yellow eyeball. It appeared to be a giant Godzilla-like dinosaur. We don’t honestly expect it to be a realistic version of the Nessie toy that Respawn likes to hide in its games, but this monster is clearly a scaly dinosaur-like creature of some sort. All Respawn would reveal when prompted was that “a couple of big things are coming to King’s Canyon,” suggesting that this is where these monsters will land.

These monsters may be similar to the creatures already in the Titanfall universe, and of course there are already towering life-forms hanging around the back of the map, drinking in the water. However, these monsters are currently not threatening, and are mostly for decoration right now. This new creature seems a lot more threatening, and doesn’t seem happy about the legend flying next to its eyeball.

Of course, what this reveal is most similar to is Fortnite‘s recent Polar Peak event, which introduced a giant Godzilla-sized eyeball frozen in a mountain, that follows the player if they get close. This is rumored to be the focus of a LTM Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie crossover event, but then there’s been hints of a giant monster coming to the game for a long time now. Hopefully Apex Legends will do something a little differently with its giant monster, when either of these kaiju appear in their respective games.