E3 2019 | Square Enix reveals Outriders, release date and first trailer

During the Square Enix E3 2019 conference today, the publishing giant officially revealed its new game, OutridersAlongside the new game announcement, Square Enix also debuted the first Outriders trailer. This is one of the newest games to be announced by Square Enix, and up until now, there was no Outriders release date.

While fans don’t know much, it does seem that the new Square Enix game will fit into the sci-fi game genre. The first official Outriders trailer can be seen below:

Square Enix reveals Outriders release date at E3 2019

At the very end of the trailer, Square Enix revealed that Outriders will be releasing in spring 2020. Outriders is being developed by People Can Fly and is considered its most ambitious shooter to date. It is a dark, modern shooter that players can enjoy with their friends or on their own. Developers are hoping for powerful gunplay and a hostile world that will draw in players for hours.

Despite getting its official reveal during E3 2019, Outriders has been teased by Square Enix on its Twitter page. The games official Twitter account has been posting cryptic mission logs since the beginning of May. These tweets seem to indicate that the launch of a ship known as the Flores, is the last hope for humanity.

According to the mysterious tweets, those on the Flores were put in a cryosleep for decades and are beginning to slowly awake. It seems that the ship is headed to a place known as Enoch, which is another planet in the solar system. Upon reaching the new planet, those on the ship will reinhabit it and create a new world for themselves.

Up until the Square Enix conference today, players knew very little about the game. However, thanks to the official Outriders reveal and trailer, we now have an Outriders release date and an official trailer.