E3 2019 | Fallout 76 battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter revealed

Fallout 76 battle royale mode has been revealed, with the game set to receive a substantial update which will include the last man standing mode. Branded Nuclear Winter, the new free update will see 52 players taking each other on in a battle to become the Overseer, as a fiery storm circles around them.

Nuclear Winter will be available as part of a trial week from June 10 – 17, in which Fallout 76 will be made available to play for free. While the full Nuclear Winter mode won’t launch during this time period, it will at least allow players to see what Bethesda is brewing up.

The new update will be smaller in scale when compared with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG, though will feature a number of Fallout 76‘s unique mechanics, such as the implementation of nuclear weaponry. Yes, you can drop nukes on your rivals in Nuclear Winter.

The announcement of Nuclear Winter was made during the Bethesda E3 2019 event, with Bethesda’s Todd Howard addressing the polarizing reaction to its open-world co-op RPG. Discussing the myriad criticisms the game received at launch, Howard explained how by listening to player feedback and pushing out updates, it had fostered the “best online community” of any active multiplayer game, pointing to the friendliness of its players as evidence of this.

However, while Fallout 76 hasn’t really encouraged PvP combat in the past, that is set to change with Nuclear Winter. In this game mode, players will be tasked with taking on one another in a fight to the death, so the friendliness of the main PvE mode will firmly take a backseat.

We’ll have more information regarding Nuclear Winter as we play it this week, and you can check out all our E3 2019 coverage right here.

Watch the trailer for the Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter mode below: