E3 2019 | Doom Eternal Battlemode multiplayer mode announced

Doom Eternal Battlemode multiplayer offering has been announced during Bethesda’s E3 2019 conference. The mode, which will see two players team up to take down one player-controlled Doom Slayer, will be part of Doom Eternal from launch on November 22.

The Evolve-style gameplay offers up different characteristics for each demon, all with different abilities. You can even spawn AI demons to help topple the Doom Slayer. The 2v1 gameplay doesn’t stack the odds to heavily in the duo’s favor, however. It’s a “fully loaded” Doom Slayer you’re going up against.

Two confirmed demons have been revealed so far: The Revenant and the Mancubus. Several maps have also been shown off in the Doom Eternal Battlemode trailer during Bethesda’s press conference.

The mantra of the Doom Eternal Battlemode multiplayer mode is “Strategy v Skill,” which gives you some idea of the cat-and-mouse gameplay on offer. Those on the side of the demons will be doing their level best to kill the Doom Slayer via sneaky methods and boxing in the helmeted protagonist, while the Doom Slayer will need to have their wits about them to traverse the landscape and, of course, pack a mean punch with whatever gun they’ve got handy.

More details about the Doom Eternal Battlemode will be revealed at the flagship QuakeCon event this summer.

Want to relive the experience? You can check out the Doom Eternal Battlemode trailer below.