E3 2019 | Skull and Bones missing from E3 2019, just as Ubisoft promised

Following the game’s delay announced in May, players had been informed that a Skull and Bones E3 2019showcase wouldn’t be happening. And, wouldn’t you know, the game didn’t make an appearance, just as Ubisoft promised. So there was no Skull and Bones E3 2019 trailer, and no Skull and Bones release date confirmed. (Though, technically, you may have spotted the game during a sizzle reel!)

Last we heard, Skull and Bones was being delayed so that the development team could “batten down the hatches.” This translates to making the game as polished as possible, without rushing things.

Cynics may also point towards the generally subdued reaction from fans when the similar, but much less realistic, Sea of Thieves launched in March 2018. Since then, Sea of Thieves has received numerous updates to both fix bugs and expand the world. It’s possible that Ubisoft was waiting for the water to settle, before sending out their pirate game. Pure speculation on my part, but it may have been a factor that contributed to the delay.

Since Ubisoft has nothing to show you this year, why not settle for the epic E3 2017 cinematic announcement trailer embedded below. Sure, it’s been two years, but that epic reveal has stood the test of time.

If that’s not enough Skull and Bones action for you, check out the E3 2018 showcase, which actually featured gameplay. It’s six minutes long and looks great when cranked up to the supported 4K resolution. Ship customization including cosmetics and weapons are demoed, before the player character sets sail to take out pillage, plunder, and all of the other activities that successful pirates get up to!

Here’s hoping we hear more about the Skull and Bones sooner, rather than later. We’re still waiting on the new target release date, and more gameplay wouldn’t hurt, either!