Razer Respawn energy drink is designed to up players’ mental performance

Hot on the heels of announcing its own toaster, peripheral manufacturer Razer is now moving on to energy drinks. The new Razer Respawn energy drink supposedly enhances players mental performance unlike other beverages on the market.

As with the Razer Toaster, Razer Respawn started out as an April Fools joke called Project Venom V2. Now it seems that someone at the company found the idea exciting enough to actually green light it for production.

Razer is officially calling Respawn a “mental performance drink” and not an “energy drink.” The company says that Respawn “contains premium ingredients that help support increased focus, reaction time, and mental stamina.”

According to Razer, Respawn’s competitors “tend to have excessive caffeine and sugar, giving you an initial burst but eventually leading to jitters or a physical crash.” That said, Respawn has 95 mg of caffeine for each 16 to 20 ounce serving. In comparison to this, a 16 fluid ounce can of Monster contains about 160 mg of caffeine. Of course, both are still less than your average cup of coffee.

The rest of Respawn’s ingredients consist mostly of the same B vitamins found in other energy drinks. Respawn also uses the artificial sweetener Sucralose, which includes the complex carbohydrate maltodextrin. This results in about 20 calories per serving, for anyone counting them.

Maltodextrin, however, breaks down into sugar, and has a higher glycemic index than sugar. This means that it can still lead to the spike and crash. Additionally, anyone who’s diabetic may want to factor this in as well. As such, Razer itself cautions people to not drink more than three servings of Respawn per day.

For anyone willing to try the drink out, Razer Respawn is being sold at $25 for a box of 20 on both Amazon as well as Razer’s own store. Available flavors are Green Apple, Tropical Pineapple, Pomegranate Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry. Additionally, the company is selling a $30 custom Respawn shaker as well.