The King of Fighters For Girls shows that love is the true battlefield

The King of Fighters For Girls has been announced as a brand new otome game, and by now you’re probably just as lost as I was when I first heard this news. The King of Fighters is a long-running fighting game franchise by SNK. The “For Girls” portion of the name comes in with how this is just a little bit different from a fighting game — you’ll be playing the female manager of some of the world’s greatest fighters and you might just have the chance to date them if you play your cards right.

This latest game from SNK is an otome game (literally “maiden game”), a genre of games targeted towards women that usually has a focus on romance as noted on ResetEra. Considering the genre (and the steamy trailer released for The King of Fighters For Girls), it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to be able to date the various competitors.

Dengeki Online reports that the main character is going to the girl seen in the picture below.

After a stroke of bad luck, she’s lost both her job and her home at the same time. Thankfully, she happens upon the opportunity to serve as the manager of participants in The King of Fighters tournament. It is here that a whole new world of love is opened up to her with over a dozen hunky competitors available as prospective romances.

An official website and Twitter account have been launched for this game. There are, unfortunately, several details we don’t know just yet. It seems like it’s launching on mobile devices, but will this game be coming to PC or consoles? More importantly, will this ever make its way to the west or is it going to remain a Japanese exclusive? We can’t say for sure; for now, you can watch The King of Fighters For Girls preview trailer below to get an idea of what to expect from this upcoming otome game.