Fortnite x Street Fighter could be the next hard-hitting crossover

A recent Fortnite leak could indicate that the next crossover will be with Street Fighter, the legendary fighting game franchise. Images relating to an upcoming portal have been found hidden within the game’s files; seemingly, they depict the Suzaku Castle stage from SFII. Here’s what that might mean for the Fortnite x Street Fighter collab.

Fortnite x Street Fighter | Is a Ryu skin incoming?

Fortnite x Street Fighter

Leaker @FortTory recently took to Twitter in order to share several art assets, asserting that they relate to the next Fortnite portal. The data-miner also posed the question of whether this could be a Fortnite x Street Fighter collaboration, which fans were quick to speculate on. When pieced together, the assets bear more than a striking resemblance to the official Capcom artwork above.

The leaked Fortnite images layer on top of one another to recreate Ryu’s iconic stage from Street Fighter II. Referencing the Suzaku Castle stage specifically could indicate that a Fortnite Ryu skin is coming. It’d make a lot of sense, what with Ryu being the long-running series’ lead character.

Fortnite has been negotiating crossovers with several renowned gaming protagonists recently. Already part of the roster is Kratos from God of War, Master Chief from Halo, and (potentially) Freddy Fazbear of FNAF fame. Ryu would fit the bill perfectly, so seems to be the most likely candidate for a Fortnite outfit.

Nothing is official, however, as Epic Games hasn’t yet confirmed the rumored Fortnite x Street Fighter portal event. Should it happen, there’s also no saying that just a Ryu skin will hit the Item Shop. With a huge roster of recognizable characters, the Fortnite x Street Fighter crossover could include Ken, Chun-Li, Blanka, M. Bison, and more Fortnite skins.

Only time will tell what the apparent appearance of Suzaku Castle stage assets in the Fortnite game code really means. Stay tuned for updates.