Samurai Shodown dog kicks human butt in new trailer

Samurai Shodown dog has adorably debuted alongside the release of the new Galford trailer. Galford D. Weller was originally from San Francisco and left after his father (who was a sheriff) was killed by a criminal. Galford took the bullet that killed his dad and became a sailor, eventually training in the ninja arts and forging the lethal bullet into his sword. Galford’s fighting style has now been revealed for the new Samurai Shodown game — and it features an adorable doggo!

Galford’s husky Poppy will be making a return. Poppy is a ninja dog that’s trained to fight; she’ll constantly step in and assist Galford with many of his attacks. The Samurai Shodown dog also steps in to assist Galford with his brutal finishing move, leaping up into the air, catching his sword in her mouth, and bringing it down on his opponent. Poppy then howls as the defeated enemy is struck by lightning in a stunning burst of light.

Throughout the Galford trailer, we get to see just exactly how Poppy helps out in combat. Typically, she stays on Galford’s hip as he executes rapid strikes with his ninja sword, but she’ll occasionally be able to dash out and grab an opponent, making it all that much easier for Galford to follow through with a brutal combo attack.

According to the SNK wiki, Galford’s fighting style used to be much closer to that of Hanzo, another ninja in the game. Galford gradually evolved throughout the franchise, eventually settling on a style where he does lower damage but favors a more “hit and run” style of combat.

You can see the Samurai Shodown dog in the Galford Trailer below. Don’t forget that you can get the season pass completely for free if you buy the game before June 30, 2019! Samurai Shodown will launch worldwide for the PS4 and Xbox One on June 25, 2019, with the PC and Nintendo Switch versions to follow later in the year.