Watch Dogs Legion recruits can be avenged by their friends and family

Watch Dogs Legion recruits will be able to be avenged by their friends and family. Ubisoft’s next entry in the Watch Dogs franchise significantly changes up the formula, letting you play as literally anyone in the city of London as they work to fight against oppressive megacorps. This is also the first game to feature permadeath, so it’s entirely possible for everyone you’ve recruited to die. What happens in that case? Well, their friends and family will avenge the fallen.

Twinfinite interviewed Watch Dogs Legion Creative Director Clint Hocking about this upcoming game. He revealed quite a few interesting new facts about Watch Dogs: Legion, one of which is exactly what happens should all of your recruits end up dead.

Greysun Morales: I understand that because when your character “dies” in WDL, you can bring in another recruit and try out a different method of attack (or just play stealthily).

Clint Hocking: Yeah especially since there are permadeaths and no checkpoints, it’s like you’re playing the level and if you fail, you can’t reload and try again; you either have to duck out or recover back to stealth.

Greysun Morales: So if permadeath exists, what would happen if I manage to somehow successfully kill all members of my team?

Clint Hocking: When you recruit people, their relatives and friends are also positively impacted so if you run out of people you’ll have the option to let people join your team automatically if you run out of recruits.

This is a pretty interesting failsafe to handle the possibility of all of your Watch Dogs Legion recruits being killed. It’s nice to see that if you go down, your friends and family will be willing to step up and exact vengeance against the evil megacorp or gang that killed you.

Several other interesting bits of information were revealed in the interview, one of which touched upon the game’s voice acting. Having so many people involved in the game ran the very serious risk of eating up tons of storage on voice acting. The solution was to use voice modulation technology so that one voice actor could actually supply the lines for “five or six” different voices. It would be entirely possible for one character to be talking to another and yet both are voiced by the same person, but the voice modulation makes it difficult to discern this fact.

The interview also revealed that non-lethal takedowns are going to continue to be a part of the game, although Clint Hocking was unable to say for certain whether or not players could go through the entire game without killing anyone.

Watch Dogs Legion recruits will certainly make for an interesting gameplay experience, now all the more so that their family can avenge them should they get killed in battle. You’ll be able to play this game for yourself when it launches on March 6, 2020.