Nintendo will continue 3DS support despite not announcing new games

Fans of the Nintendo 3DS may have found this year’s E3 to be quite disappointing due to the lack of any new game announcements. However, it seems that Nintendo isn’t abandoning the portable just yet. One of their executives has confirmed that Nintendo will continue 3DS support.

Speaking with Time, Nintendo of America CEO and President Doug Bowser stated that the company plans to continue supporting the 3DS as long as there’s consumer demand for it. As part of this, he mentioned how the handheld is continuing to sell well.

“Our 3DS business continues to do quite well,” says Bowser. “Retailers continue to support both the hardware and the software.”

In addition to this, Bowser also made mention of how the system is a great entry point to gaming for younger players. Specifically, he pointed to the system’s 2DS variation, which lacks 3D capabilities but comes in at a much lower price of only $79.

The Nintendo 3DS hasn’t received much attention as of late. The newer Nintendo Switch has largely overshadowed the system in part due to its portable capabilities. Even Nintendo’s Bowser admitted that the company’s presence at this year’s E3 was “all about Nintendo Switch.”

Atlus’s Persona Q2 was the most recent release for the 3DS. Considering the lack of releases and announcements since its June 4 release, many think that it may be the last Nintendo 3DS game to be released.

With the Nintendo Switch hogging the limelight these days, it’s easy to forget how innovative the 3DS was. The dual screen nature of the 3DS and its DS predecessor opened up new ways of interacting with games. The DS and 3DS also introduced the world to touchscreen gaming long before smartphones did.

With this in mind, it’s great that Nintendo is continuing to support the 3DS, even if it’s busy with the Switch.