Detroit Become Human waxworks to be displayed in Grevin Museum

In what might win the strangest/coolest news story of the day, the Paris-based Grevin Museum is setting up a space dedicated to Detroit Become Human waxworks. Beginning June 28, 2019, visitors to the Grevin Museum will be able to visit and explore the Detroit Become Human waxworks exhibit. Will it have visitors waxing lyrical, or will the art exhibit melt away into obscurity? Only time will tell.

French website GameKult broke the news of the Detroit Become Human waxworks exhibit in Grevin Museum, which you can visit in Paris. Visitors can explore and take a look at the Detroit Become Human exhibit from June 28, 2019, as is stated above. The large exhibit will take up 75 sqm of museum floor. It will replicate “the CyberLife android store that is part of the commercial landscape in David Cage’s latest game.” Wax statues of characters Connor and Kara will be displayed.

The Detroit Become Human Grevin museum exhibit will be interactive, too. Visitors can expect to take part in “an interactive and immersive scenography,” which will “guide the visitor in the shop to help them choose the most suitable Android for their needs.” Philippe Cardon (Sony Interactive Entertainment vice president for Southern Europe) explained that the company is “delighted” to “give new life to the world created by David Cage and the Quantic Dream studio.” He adds that “video games are once again showing their popularity and their place within such an institution that brings together the most iconic characters on the planet.”

David Cage adds “to see our characters and the themes of Detroit Become Human enter a museum as prestigious as Grevin, today, is a formidable recognition for our media.”

Detroit Become Human isn’t the first video game to receive such recognition at the Grevin museum. Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, for example, has had a waxwork created for the Parisian cultural and historical museum. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas added a 7’2″ waxwork statue of Master Chief back in 2007, too.