Mario Kart Hot Wheels are racing towards release this summer

Nintendo and Mattel are teaming up for the crossover event to end all other crossover events with Mario Kart Hot Wheels. You will be able to race die-cast vehicles of Mario and friends in iconic Mario Kart vehicles across three officially licensed Mario Kart Hot Wheels tracks. There is no sign of a Rainbow Road track set, unfortunately.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything (who were using Mattel PR information), we know the scheduled release period and Mario Kart Hot Wheels sets that you’ll be able to purchase, worldwide. Three Mario Kart Hot Wheels sets will be available to purchase worldwide, this upcoming summer. Unfortunately, a concrete release date has yet to be given.

The three track sets, inspired by the Mario Kart games are as follows, each one will be sold separately:

  • Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Track Set (includes Mario and Yoshi die-cast karts)
  • Piranha Plant Slide Track Set
  • Thwomp Ruins Track Set

According to Mattel, you will “load karts into the launchers and turn on the booster to launch into action around the track and through the inverted loop! Set features include lap-counting flags, a booster, green shell obstacles to knock off your opponent and more. Amp up challenges by reconfiguring the track and connecting the Piranha Plant and Thwomp Ruins track sets (sold separately) to the full Mario Kart Circuit track set.”

When the toys launch, only Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Bowser will be available to buy. The lineup will be expanded later on, however, with the likes of Princess Peach, Toad, and Koopa Troopa. Every character will be sold separately. You will be able to play with each Mario Kart Hot Wheels die-cast figure on already existing Hot Wheels sets. Mario Kart can be played anywhere and with any set.

It’s not the first time Hot Wheels has partnered with another company for some officially licensed toys, however. The Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals Set allows you to play Rocket League with toys in real-life, for example.

Image Credit: Mattel/Nintendo.