Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC Reign of Blood trailer gets, well, bloody

We’re only one week away from the very first Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC, and things are about to get bloody. The DLC Reign of Blood ticks the violence up to a notch that would make Mortal Kombat proud. If you like your games bloody and you’re a fan of Total War: Three Kingdoms, this is probably the DLC for you. The Reign of Blood DLC will be available on June 27 through Steam.

With a name like Total War, you would not be in the wrong to expect the game to have blood and violence. However, in order to keep a PEGI 16 rating in Europe, Total War: Three Kingdoms completely toned itself down in the bleeding department. It is essentially a war simulator sans violence, which might not feel right to some.

But if you’re in that “some” group, your day is almost here. The first DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms is an 18+ expansion that adds in blood, kill moves, new combat animations, and dismemberment. The dismemberment applies to all those fighting on the battlefield, including horses. There’s even a handy scale for you to decide just how much blood is to your liking, letting players stick to more realistic proportions or turn Total War into a Tarantino film.

For those who haven’t tried out Total War: Three Kingdoms, the game combines turn-based strategy and real-time battles with empire building. The game takes place in ancient China and aims to encompass the epic scale of battles in the fight for dominance of the land. Players can forge alliances or conquer foes in their quest to rule China. It’s critically-acclaimed and visually stunning.

The DLC is inexpensive at only $2.99 USD, £1.99 GBP, and €2.99 EUR. An assembly kit for mods will follow on July 4. You can view the gory trailer for the DLC below.