The Devil May Cry Switch version release date is sooner than you think

Capcom and Nintendo have some good news for fans looking to go devil hunting on-the-go. The Nintendo eShop has been updated with the Devil May Cry Switch version release date, confirming that the game is coming very, very soon.

Devil May Cry for Nintendo Switch arrives in North America and Europe on Tuesday, June 25. Japan on the other hand gets the game a couple of days later on Thursday, June 27.

Interested players can already preorder the game for $19.99 on the eShop. They just need to make sure they have 9.2 gigabytes of free space on their console. However, players looking to buy a physical version of Devil May Cry for Nintendo Switch are out of luck. As previously reported, the game is currently only an eShop exclusive.

Originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001, Devil May Cry represents not only the first game of its series, but also the first of its specific sub-genre of action games. The success of this game and its sequels eventually led to other stylish action games such as God of War, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Bayonetta.

The game originally started as one of the prototypes for Resident Evil 4. Indeed, a number of Resident Evil influences can be seen in the game. However, director Hideki Kamiya (who would later create Bayonetta as part of Platinum Games), found that this stylized and sometimes cheesy take didn’t fit in with the Resident Evil series. Luckily for gamers everywhere, he decided to pitch the game as its own thing instead.

Interestingly enough, and unlike the game it was originally supposed to be, neither Devil May Cry nor its sequels ever got released on previous Nintendo consoles. This Switch release then represents a first for the series. With Capcom finally releasing Devil May Cry game on Switch, it could be that Switch releases for later games in the series are not far behind.