Dissidia Final Fantasy Tifa trailer shows Sephiroth getting smacked around

Final Fantasy fans have something new to look forward to: the Dissidia Final Fantasy Tifa trailer is here, finally confirming that one of the game’s best girls will be available as a playable fighter in this upcoming game from Square Enix. Tifa’s reveal at E3 2019 was a welcome surprise to those of us who were waiting with bated breath to see how she looks in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and now we’ve finally gotten a good look at her in Dissidia Final Fantasy, too!

This is normally the bit where I describe what’s going on with the trailer, but I find myself at a bit of a loss this time around. This is seriously just two minutes of footage of Tifa (with occasional help from Cloud) grinding Sephiroth’s Hot Topic-loving butt into a fine powder. If you have a visceral hatred for silver-haired pretty boys, then you’re definitely going to love what’s on display here.

The trailer begins with Tifa sitting on top of some scaffolding and smiling at a starry sky. She drops down onto the battlefield, nails the Superhero Landing, and talks a bit of smack. A title card with her name pops up, and then Tifa gets right into the butt-kicking. She charges into battle and kicks Sephiroth in the face so hard that he practically flies halfway across Midgar. The Dissidia Final Fantasy Tifa Battle Movie shows her flying through the air, repeatedly executing explosive combos on the game’s pretty boy villain.

Halfway through the Dissidia Final Fantasy Tifa Battle Movie, we get to see a change of scenery. The combat moves to a new map, and it also shows off Tifa’s outfit from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. Both her classic outfit and the Advent Children outfit appear to be available in the game, so players will have their choice between the two. Cloud also hops in to help out with some combos as the pair of them beat the everloving heck out of the game’s penultimate villain.

The trailer concludes with Tifa striking a victory pose with Cloud in the background. You can watch the Dissidia Final Fantasy Tifa Battle Movie for yourself below. Tifa should be making her way to the PS4 in Japan on July 3, 2019. Let’s hope she comes to the West as well!