The Respawnables Ghostbusters event announced for film’s 35th anniversary

Digital Legends Entertainment has confirmed that it is partnering with Sony Pictures to bring us a The Respawnables Ghostbusters crossover event, coinciding with the film’s 35th anniversary. The crossover event will bring plenty of new exclusive Ghostbusters content to The Respawnables. It will be up to you and your friends to use the legendary Ghost Trap and other Ghostbusters weaponry to catch Slimer, neutralize the Stay Puft Man and more. The Respawnables Ghostbusters event is live right now, from today, June 27.

According to official Digital Legends Entertainment PR, The Respawnables Ghostbusters event “offers its players the change to immerse themselves in the legendary Ghostbusters world.  Players will turn into Ghostbusters themselves, catch Slimer with the Ghost Trap and use advanced weaponry to neutralize the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.”

During the event, you will be challenged to “capture as many ghosts as possible, which contain precious Ectoplasm needed to succeed.” You will be able to get your mitts on “new items like the Slime Blower and Ghostbusters II Jumpsuit in addition to other Ghostbusters gadgets and outfits.” Digital Legends Entertainment sees the crossover event as a “tribute to the iconic film franchise.” You’ll find plenty of exclusive Ghostbusters content lifted from the films to play with during the event. What’s more, the event will also include “incredible bundles and crazy sales,” too. You’d better keep your eyes peeled for those.

This isn’t the first time that Sony Pictures and Digital Legends Entertainment have worked together on The Respawnables crossover content. We’ve had Men in Black and Elysium crossover events in the past, too. Ghostbusters originally released in cinemas in 1984 and is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Take part in its official crossover event with The Respawnables on Android and iOS compatible devices right now.

You can watch The Respawnables Ghostbusters event trailer below: