Apex Legends Anniversary event leaks reveal all rewards

Season 8 of Apex Legends brought a lot of new content to the game. There’s the updated Kings Canyon map, new character Fuse, and other changes to help keep this hit battle royale title fresh for players. However, for some users, the new season also provided an accidental preview of an upcoming event. Named the “Anniversary Collection Event,” the next burst of Apex Legends content will celebrate the game’s second anniversary. The ACE leak provided the full list of rewards and prize track, as well as an idea of an event start time and date.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event 2021 start time and date

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event 2021 Start date

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event 2021 start time and date is February 9 at 1 PM ET/11 AM PT/6PM GMT.

This was confirmed in the recent event trailer (embedded below):

Originally launching on February 4, 2019, the February 9 date makes sense as it’s the first Tuesday following the anniversary.

All Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event rewards and prize track

  • 250 – Apex Pack
  • 500 – Apex Pack
  • 750 – Apex Pack and Kills As Wraith Stat Tracker
  • 1000 – Holospray and Apex Pack
  • 1250 – Discoball Weapon Charm and Apex Pack
  • 1500 – Apex Pack and Wraith Wins Stat Tracker
  • 2000 – “Second to None” R-99 Skin and Apex Pack
  • 2500 – Holospray and Apex Pack
  • 3000 – Anniversary Collection Pack and Damage Done as Wraith Stat Tracker
  • 3500 – Holospray and Apex Pack
  • 4000 – Nessie-versary Weapon Charm and Apex Pack
  • 5000 – “Demon’s Claw” Spitfire Skin and Anniversary Collection Pack

All rewards can be found in the video by @Shrugtal below:

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