Baldur’s Gate and other classic D&D CRPGs getting collectors editions

The enhanced console editions of classic Dungeons & Dragons CRPGs are getting collector’s editions, available for to preorder until August 2. These new collector’s editions will come in four different packs: One containing Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II, one containing Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment, one containing Neverwinter Nights, and one containing all five games. The collector’s editions each come with a selection of unique collectibles and are available for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions of the games. Along with its announcement of these classic D&D CRPG collector’s editions, Skybound Games released the following video.

The Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II collector’s edition includes physical copies of the Beamdog-developed “Enhanced Editions” of the games, plus all of the games’ DLC content, restored quests, and the 2016 Baldur’s Gate: Seige of Dragonspear expansion, which bridges the gap between the two games. The pack also includes three collectible pins, a medallion featuring the “BhallSpawn” skull that serves as the first game’s logo, a parchment map, three cards featuring art of some of the games’ heroes, a faux leather journal, and a custom metal dice set adorned with the BhallSpawn skull. The pack retails for $99.99 US.

The Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale pack includes the games, two pins, a slightly altered metal dice set, a map, a journal, art cards and—perhaps the coolest collectible of them all—a goofy foam toy of Morte‘s skull. The Neverwinter Nights pack is more of the same, containing its own pins, medallion, map, dice set, journal, and art cards. These packs also cost $99.99 US.

The “Ultimate Collection” contains bits and pieces from each pack: A pin from the Baldur’s Gate pack and one from the Planescape pack, Morte’s skull, a map, and lithograph prints of art from some of the other packs’ cards. The collection’s unique items are all Beholder-themed, featuring the many-eyed monsters on a dice set and a journal. The collection’s most unique item is a dice tray with a big purple Beholder face sculpted around it. All of this retails for $199.99 US.

Skybound Games announced late last month that the enhanced editions of these classic BioWare and Black Isle Studios games would be coming to consoles this fall. Shortly after this reveal, Larian Studios (creators of the Divinity: Original Sin series) announced Baldur’s Gate 3 during Google Stadia‘s E3 2019 event. With D&D in its current popularity explosion, its no wonder so many of the goodies in these re-releases are geared toward the tabletop RPG. Perhaps attracting fans of the pen-and-paper game to these D&D CRPG collector’s editions’ stories will help increase the hype for Larian’s series revival.