Doomfist bug list details over 40 problems, despite the many patches

Doomfist bug list has been updated, showing that one of Overwatch’s trickiest DPS heroes is still plagued by several problems despite several patches since his release. Doomfist is a hero that requires a lot of precision timing on the part of players, and some of these bugs can make playing him a frustrating and inconsistent experience.

A submission on /r/Overwatch highlights the current Doomfist bug list, ranking the bugs in two categories. The first ranking is a scale of 1–5 that shows how severely the particular bug impacts the game. The second ranking is also a scale of 1–5 that shows how often the bug can be replicated. A version of the list was first submitted by /u/Cream-Shpee nearly a year ago, and the current list has since grown from 40 bugs to 42 bugs in total.

Some of the bugs are minor and don’t necessarily affect Doomfist alone. For example, when D.Va is jumping into a new mech, she is unaffected by any sort of knockback. While this isn’t unique to the big bad boy of Talon, Doomfist is a character that is almost entirely centered on knockback and this somewhat hampers his abilities to push people around.

Other bugs, however, are much more severe. Doomfist’s Seismic Slam ability is very inconsistent and players can sometimes not dive forward despite the on-screen reticle popping up and confirming that it should be possible. His Rocket Punch, which is arguably the hero’s most important ability, continues to slip past targets where it should connect. Another frustrating issue revolves around his Hand Cannon. Unlike other heroes, Doomfist’s Hand Cannon reloads automatically. Using a melee hit guarantees that this reload timer will have a short delay, weakening Doomfist’s ability to perform combos quickly. If you happen to be unfamiliar with Doomfist, know this: Doomfist is all about combos.

The entire list of 40+ bugs is exhaustive and contains a lot of helpful data; hopefully, Blizzard Entertainment will be able to make some use of it and get some of these problems sorted out. You can read the full Doomfist bug list on /r/Overwatch. If you’ve ever had a bit of quirky behavior while playing this hero, you may find an explanation for the reason why therein.