Flappy Bird Royale released today for PC and mobile

When the 2013 mobile hit Flappy Bird first arrived in the hands of gamers, the battle royale craze was far from its inception. Even now, Flappy Bird seems an unlikely candidate to turn into a battle royale game. However, since we’re in a strange timeline, that’s exactly what happened. Yes, a Flappy Bird battle royale called Flappy Royale released today on Android, iOS, and PC.

The concept of Flappy Bird was addictively simple: Control a bird by either tapping your screen to make him fly higher or doing nothing to watch him sink. Using the flying and sinking to control him, fly between deadly pipes and make it as far as you can for the highest score. It’s straightforward and challenging, and now it’s a competitive royale.

The concept of Flappy Royale remains the same as the original. Control your flappy bird, avoid all collisions, and make it as far as you can. The royale twist lets you enter the same level with 99 other players. You cannot interact with them at all, but you can see their transparent birds trying to fly their way through the same course as you. When you die, you find out your rank out of 100. In royale fashion, you begin the game by jumping off of a bus that proceeds to crash into the first pipe.

Flappy Bird wasn’t the only unexpected game to receive royale treatment recently. A Mario fan decided to turn old-school levels into a “race to the finish“-style royale game. Unfortunately, you can no longer experience it. As fun as Mario Royale was, Nintendo got wind of the game and was not too happy about its assets being used in such a manner. The Mario Royale creator changed around names and levels, humorously switching the main character’s name to Infringio, but the efforts were in vain as Nintendo insisted the game as a whole was taken down. Rest in peace, sweet prince Infringio. At the very least, it’s only a matter of time before another unexpected game gets royale’d.