Tetris Royale looks to bring Tetris 99 battle royal action to mobile

The Tetris Company and N3TWORK have announced that they’ll be releasing a new Tetris battle royale. The new game, called Tetris Royale, looks to bring the Tetris 99 experience to Android and iOS devices.

N3TWORK did not actually reveal any gameplay or screenshots of Tetris Royale. However, the concept for it seems to be a dead ringer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive Tetris 99.

According to the press release Tetris Royale will allow up to 100 players to battle each other. Tetris 99, of course, features a similar concept, but with one less player.

In addition to this, N3TWORK has also revealed that the game will feature seasonal leaderboards, daily challenges, customization options, and power ups. The latter two will supposedly be earned by completing the daily challenges.

Tetris Royale represents just the first Tetris game coming from N3TWORK. The company, which was formed by the founders of the now defunct ngmoco, will be working on other mobile Tetris games as part of a multi-year partnership with The Tetris Company. Prior to this partnership, the company developed Legendary: Game of Heroes, a role-playing puzzle game for mobile devices.

For those interested in trying the game out, a beta test for Tetris Royale will be taking place later this year.

With Tetris Royale, in addition to Tetris 99, The Tetris Company looks to be riding the wave of battle royale spin-offs that are sweeping the industry. The game isn’t the only new battle royale spin-off that’s come out of the woodwork as of late. Flappy Royale, a battle royale take on the viral hit Flappy Bird recently released a beta test for PC and mobile. Prior to this, a group of fans created Mario Royale, turning the classic Super Mario Bros. into a battle royale race, before Nintendo forced them to take it down. However, the latter has been turned into DMCA Royale after a DMCA claim was filed.