Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack will have Swedish band Refused playing as in-universe group ‘Samurai’

The Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack is bringing Swedish punk-rock band Refused on board. Refused will be the sound behind the in-universe band Samurai, which will have songs and logos spread throughout the game. Their original EP will encompass the greatest hits of Samurai, and one track, Chippin’ In, has been made available in select digital stores and streaming services.

A composer for the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack named Piotr Adamczyk came up with the idea to collaborate with Refused for the Samurai sound the game needed. CD Projekt Red Music Director Marcin Przybyłowicz secured the collaboration between the studio and the band. Przybyłowicz is “very happy” Adamczyk brought up the collaboration because of how well the sound turned out. In his words:

“…the massive riffs, powerful drums, and hard-hitting vocals the guys from Refused deliver as SAMURAI have blown me away. I can wholeheartedly say the punk factor of Cyberpunk 2077’s music is through the roof!”

The band’s goal is to create a “greatest hits” track for Samurai under the direction of Przybyłowicz. All of the writing, recording, and producing is a collaborative effort between Refused and CD Project Red. The original source material and overall feel of the game were said to be inspirations for the overall sound. Dennis Lyxzén, lead vocalist of Refused, discussed the creative process behind the EP:

“Like us, Samurai is a group of rebels, albeit in a different time and place. Working together with CD Projekt Red, writing music and song lyrics for Cyberpunk’s chrome rock icon was fun, but also very different in the creative sense. It was an unexpected challenge that turned out to be right up our alley and really got us going.”

If you watched the E3 cinematic trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, you’ve heard a bit of what Refused has to offer as Samurai. The band’s song Chippin’ In concluded the trailer and is now available on some streaming services and YouTube.