Fire Emblem Black Eagle house shown in new trailer

Every trailer of Fire Emblem: Three Houses makes it seem like Nintendo’s interpretation of Harry Potter, most notably in its school setting and inclusion of different houses. The newest trailer introduces the Fire Emblem Black Eagle house, one of the three houses of the Officers Academy, further supporting that notion.

All the students from Black Eagle house hail from the Adrestian Empire, which is found at the southern half of Fódlan, the continent and setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The house’s coat of arms, which suitably displays a black eagle front and center, is inspired by the twin-headed eagle from the Adrestian Empire’s own coat of arms. Many of the students in this particular house are nobles and magic users.

We are also introduced to four key students from Black Eagle house, as well as their very relatable likes and dislikes. Edelgard is the house leader who likes “talented individuals” and dislikes “losing control.” Hubert, who has served Edelgard since she was a child, is a “cold-blooded” but “loyal” individual; he likes “coffee” and “irony”, and dislikes “those who bother Edelgard.” From the animations and gameplay shown in the trailer, it looks like Hubert and Edelgard both favor magic in combat situations.

The studious princess Petra, who likes her homeland and dislikes “discrimination,” seems to be the weapon-wielding combatant in the group, as she is seen with a large two-handed axe. Lastly, Linhardt is another magic user who likes “naps” and dislikes “duty politics.”

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you take the role of a professor at the Officers Academy. You’ll then choose one of three houses to teach in the classroom and command on the battlefield. You won’t have to wait too long to play the sixteenth entry in the Fire Emblem franchise as it releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26.