Smash Ultimate pro Ally retires after admitting he dated a 16-year-old

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro player Ally has announced his retirement from Smash Ultimate competitive play, revealing that he had a relationship with 16-year-old player CaptainZack in the process. Ally had previously defended himself against claims from his ex-girlfriend Breezy, who claimed that she had been in an “emotionally abusive and controlling relationship” with him. Now, Ally has both doubled-down on his comments regarding his ex, before admitting that he had embarked on a long-rumored relationship with the teenage pro player.

28-year-old Ally, real name Elliot Bastien “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce, posted a tweet saying he was “really f***ing sorry to everyone” and that he would be retiring from Smash. He then went on to admit he had a relationship with Zack, confirming accusations previously made by fellow Smash player Tamim Omary.

When they dated, Zack would have been 16 while Ally would have been 27 years old, a sizeable age gap. 16 is the age of consent in both Quebec and New Orleans, Ally and Zack’s respective birthplaces. 16 is the age of consent in Canada in general, while the age of consent in North American ranges from 14–18.

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Since Ally posted his statement, Breezy shared tweets claiming that the competitive Smash player was  “gaslighting” her, and that he was “still lying” about abusing her while they were in a relationship together.

Ally’s full statement can be read below:

“Nothing has changed with what I said in my statement regarding my ex about a year ago. She is using my situation with Zack to push her story.

If you aren’t aware of it, look my ‘my statement’ I made about her about a year ago. Additionally I already went to court to settle it and the judge told me not to speak to her again to not have to deal with her (which I have been doing and why I didn’t bother addressing it before/won’t address it publicly anymore). 

This is being taken care of in another form but it’s not the actual issue I want to address.

I think it’s time to come out clean. It’s been rough months mentally for me, unsure if everything was going to end up okay, but it didn’t.

I’m going to admit I dated Zack. I didn’t do him any wrongs but it was a stupid mistake regardless and I’m really sorry for not saying it until now. I was really scared. I’m sorry Tamim for lying to you about dating him.

Because I feel like it’s the right thing to do, I’m going to retire from Smash. Sorry to everyone I disappointed. Sorry Canada.”

The tweet can also be viewed below: