Smash Ultimate community bullies 15-year-old player into nearly retiring

The Smash Ultimate community has been accused of bullying a 15-year-old player into nearly retiring from the game, after she made headlines for defeating top Smash Bros player Ally. Bocchi later stated that would be looking to withdraw from the Smash Bros community, adding that she would also no longer stream in order to avoid the negative backlash against her from some corners of the game’s audience.

Bocchi received a lot of attention after defeating Ally’s Snake with Isabelle, a mid-tier Smash Bros Ultimate character rarely used in competitive tournaments. It seems that after this major upset, Ally was hounded by envious members of the Smash Bros community.

“Fame sucks,” Bocchi tweeted. “i literally would have rather lost that set and have done nothing. fame has brought nothing but stress and annoying. there are nice people but a lot of negativity came from it too. sigh. i hate this.”

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“The worst of it comes from being a girl too,” she added. “they get on my ass saying all kinds of rude shit and it’s beyond stressful. sigh. i highkey wish i didn’t play smash rn F***.”

Bocchi later reappeared on Twitter after her followers grew concerned, ensuring them that she was “okay” and would “try to focus harder on the positive.”

Bocchi added that being a teenage girl in “an extremely male-dominated community [is] very weird,” before concluding that she wouldn’t be withdrawing from competing altogether, but would be taking a break while waiting for the negativity to blow over.

Fans have taken to Twitter to give Bocchi their support following her frank discussion regarding the backlash she faced. “the amount of kind words you guys have given me is honestly really overwhelming,” she tweeted.

Bocchi’s extraordinary victory over Ally during the AON quarterfinals can be viewed below: