Nintendo Switch Lite will not replace the 3DS

With the Nintendo Switch Lite‘s reveal, 3DS and 2DS owners are left wondering if support for these systems will end. Luckily, it seems that this won’t be the case. Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch Lite will not replace the 3DS and 2DS handhelds.

At first glance, the Nintendo Switch Lite seems like a replacement for the 3DS line of systems, especially since the 3DS hasn’t had a new game release in some time. Meanwhile, the Switch Lite’s status as a pure handheld system does make it look like the successor the 3DS family.

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Talking to the Verge, Nintendo President Doug Bowser reiterated the company’s support for the dual-screen handhelds. “We’ll continue to support our 3DS family of systems as long as there is demand.”

Despite Nintendo having new portable hardware with the Switch, the 3DS and 2DS still seem to be doing quite well in sales. Last June, Bowser pointed out that sales of the systems were performing “quite well,” with retailers continuing to support both the hardware and its games. This despite not having any new games on the horizon.

Additionally, Bowser also made note of the system’s lower price. The cheaper of the two systems, the 2DS, retails for only $79, after all. By comparison, the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite will retail for $199.

Of course, companies do tend to continue support for older hardware. For example, Sony continued to sell the PlayStation 2 up until 2013, well into the life of the PlayStation 3. It’s likely then that Nintendo doesn’t see 3DS and 2DS sales going down drastically any time soon. The lower price point, especially for the latter, likely make them attractive propositions for people looking to buy a handheld for younger players. Even without new releases, the systems do have an extensive library of games that new players can still enjoy. Additionally, the game’s dual screen and 3D capabilities offer features that even the Switch can’t.