Dr. Mario World is outperforming Harry Potter Wizards Unite on iOS

Releasing just a few weeks apart, Dr. Mario World and Harry Potter Wizards Unite are two of the hottest mobile games on the market right now. While both are quite different in nature, they are each attracting a good amount of players. However, as with anything, one is outperforming the other and in this case, the Italian plumber is on top.

According to a recent report, Dr. Mario World is outperforming Wizards Unite on iOS devices. The report states that by 11 AM on release day, Dr. Mario World had reached number one on the U.S. charts. On the other hand, Harry Potter Wizards Unite didn’t reach number one on the U.S. charts until 12 AM the day after it launched.

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Take these facts as you will, but it seems to show that at least initially, Dr. Mario World had more hype surrounding its release, in the U.S. anyways. It still remains to be seen how both of the games age over time though.

Like a lot of titles these days, Dr. Mario World was met with a bit of controversy at release surrounding its use of microtransactions. While going to see Dr. Mario probably isn’t covered by most insurances, players are complaining about how players have to purchase hearts or wait for them to be refilled. However, this is pretty common in the mobile gaming market, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to most, even if it can be egregious.

On the other hand, Harry Potter Wizards Unite seems to be going strong a couple of weeks after launch. In fact, the game hosted its first Brilliant Event at the end of June and promised that more would be coming. But as it stands now, it seems that Mario has the edge over those at Hogwarts.